Eating Disorder Therapist in Arlington Heights IL

Eating Disorder Therapist in Arlington Heights IL

Eating Disorder Therapist in Arlington Heights IL

Do you or someone you love suffer from an eating disorder in Arlington Heights, IL?

Eating disorders are serious mental health conditions that can affect anyone. Although they may be most common in women, men and children also develop them. They’re not a lifestyle choice or something to take lightly. If left untreated, they can lead to severe medical complications and even death. The good news is there are treatments available for people who have eating disorders – but it’s important to seek help right away before these problems get worse.

We understand how difficult it is to live with an eating disorder, which is why we offer treatment options that address the physical and psychological aspects of this disease so our patients can live full lives again without fear of relapse. Our team at Springsource Psychological Center will work closely with you every step of the way as your partner in recovery; together, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan designed just for you based on your specific needs and goals for recovery so you can achieve long-term success!

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What Eating Disorder do you suffer from?

What are the causes of eating disorders?

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses with several inter-related factors contributing to their development. Those factors include biological, psychological, social, and cultural risk factors which vary between individuals.

Biological Factors

There is not one single cause of eating disorder behaviors, but research suggests that biology plays a role in predisposing some people to develop an eating disorder. For example, while there is no specific “eating disorder gene,” scientists have identified genes linked with certain behaviors associated with eating disorders such as impulsivity, anxiety, perfectionism, and obsessions.

Psychological Factors

Psychological Factors

Personality traits that may be more common in those who develop an eating disorder can include:

  • High achievement or perfectionist attitude
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety or insecurity
  • Depression

Psychological factors such as the family history of eating disorders, poor body image, and a desire to be thin also appear to play a role in the development of eating disorders. In addition, Social Factors Eating disorders tend to develop in an environment with cultural pressure for people to be thin.

Treatment can be effective for many eating disorders. Treatment varies by disorder and may involve counseling, dietary advice, reducing excessive exercise, anti-depressant medication, and/or family therapy, depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances. A combination of treatments is often most helpful. Recovery from an eating disorder is a long-term process that requires considerable commitment and hard work on the part of the patient.

How to Find a Good Eating Disorder Therapist in Arlington Heights, IL

Eating disorders are a serious matter, and it can be challenging to know where to start. For example, it’s important to find an eating disorder therapist specializing in treating these conditions, so you get help from someone with experience dealing with the issues that lie behind them. In addition, licensed therapists and psychologists will have an education specific to this field, giving them advanced knowledge about how best to deal with your symptoms. Please call Springsource Psychological Center today at (224) 202-6260 if you or someone you love is seeking help for an eating disorder! We want to talk more about what we offer our clients, including therapy services explicitly tailored towards individuals struggling with eating disorders and family counseling sessions designed just for families going through recovery together.

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