Our Commitment To Diversity

Our Commitment To Diversity

At SpringSource, we recognize the importance of a good therapeutic fit. It is essential to feel understood and seen by your therapist such that you can feel safe enough to access and explore underlying feelings that may be difficult to discuss.

We are aware that as we strive to be an inclusive therapeutic practice, it is necessary for SpringSource to have clinicians who represent diverse perspectives.  As we grow, our clinicians help shape our culture, such that we incorporate different points of view and become stronger for it.

Can You See Yourself Here?

Our goal is to continue to build a community where a myriad of voices are represented and where our space reflects the world around us, not just a small part of the population. 

The On-Going Work

We actively pursue our own reflection and self-examination, recognize and challenge our privilege, and invite open dialogue about the rights and needs of all human beings.  We commit to the work of being an ally to under-represented groups and aligning ourselves with social justice movements that are pursuing human rights initiatives.